We’re currently meeting “Together-Apart” in this Covid-19 season and while our church facility basement is being remodeled – though ordinarily we’d be gathering often together for food, fun, fellowship as well as weekly for worship!  Meantime, we encourage you to develop a “together-apart-ner” to:

  • CONNECT  this week: share prayer requests, insights from the video or audio sermon or Bible study guide, or our daily devotionals, or through your neighbor-to-neighbor outreach.
  • ENCOURAGE one another in their personal or family worship time, activities for kids, helpful resources etc.
  • READ Scripture together, remotely, together-apart, by phone etc.
  • PRAY for and with one another by phone, text, email or other technology. Go on a prayer walk in your neighborhood (respecting their preferences for social distancing).
  • SERVE one another as best you can, while following guidelines and preferences for quarantine distancing, etc. Maybe you can run errands for someone, or do odd jobs for them. Do what you can to support businesses that are open. Order meals for health workers or others who must be on the job while others are not allowed to.
  • SHARE requests and praises with your church family, as well as your “together-apart-ner”!

MEANTIME – you’ll find many helpful resources here www.RiversideChurchIowa.com/Resources
and at our “Neighbor-to-Neighbor” page for Church@Home!

Stay tuned for update regarding our schedule