VOTE Biblical Christian values !

vote.values.2014 VOTE your Biblical Christian Values on Tuesday Nov 4

– get informed, and pray for the election of godly and moral candidates who will further God’s principles in our local, county, state, and national government.  READ THIS blog = Vote Whose Values?
Phil Robertson VIDEO

Poll locations – open 7 am to 9 pm –
Voter guide info HERE and Senate-&-House and here and here and here… and Iowa Senate… and Current Congress Scorecard… and American Renewal… you can pick up extras in our entry!

To request voter guides for your use or to distribute to others, along with other information, contact FamilyLeader 877-866-4372… and Faith&Freedom Coalition515-225-1515… and
you can also sign up for e-news from these Christian organizations
which can help keep you informed for prayer and action…

= YOU can register and vote the same day


Voting – A Sacred Civil Right