Rock River Retreat – challenge – for individuals and small groups


As you likely recall, the Central District Conference church delegates made the decision this past March to accept the challenge of taking on the stewardship of the 100-acre Rock River Retreat ministry.

As churches, we all knew that this would be a challenge but we sensed that it was an “opportunity for our time” as Hidden Acres was a similar opportunity and challenge for our 45 congregations some thirty years ago. Hidden Acres has clearly established itself as a great ministry with a major impact. The best camping facility in Iowa.  It makes us proud in the best sense of that word.

As they began their ministry it took many churches with many special offerings to set it on a firm foundation. It also required the district to get the message out to those who attended our churches so they could consider a personal gift for Hidden Acres. It was not just an opportunity to be kept within a small group of leaders. We would also like those who attend our churches today to also have this same opportunity to consider a gift to help establish Rock River Retreat on a firm foundation.

We see Rock River as a “challenge and opportunity for our time”. The purpose of Rock River Retreat is intended to be a complimentary ministry to Hidden Acres, not a competitive ministry. While Hidden Acres has needed to grow large to accomplish its mission we believe Rock River is intended by God to remain smaller and more intimate. While some of our congregations have grown large in size others have remained smaller in size. But yet both have an equally valid ministry. So we believe Rock River will become a great asset to our district and the mission of our churches although it will be designed for individuals and small groups.

Would you kindly read the various attachments below and consider how you can help us with the challenge that we are facing. It is an “opportunity for our time.”  Print what you need or contact our office at (515) 232-9005 and we will send you as many copies of the printed material as you need.

On behalf of the Central District Board,

Calvin Swan