Terror To Triumph – 10:45 Sundays

TerrortoTriumphFrontWhat’s YOUR plan for the world we live in ?

Do you know God’s plan for YOU — to take you from terror to triumph ?

Here’s HOW and why your life matters !
– as we learn from the saints of old
– and the difference it makes EVERY DAY
– HOW to trust & obey Almighty God TODAY !

Outstanding – exciting – thriliing – challenging – inspiring – DVD series “From Terror to Triumph”
by Dr. Marshall Foster of World History Institute, as featured in Kirk Cameron’s film Monumental

Don’t miss it – Sundays @ 10:45 am – refreshments and childcare & more !

TerrortoTriumphBackPrepare for a thrilling journey through the greatest triumphs over the most brutal terrors that have faced Western Civilization. From Terror To Triumph unveils the strategies, heroes and miracles that have defeated the seemingly unstoppable forces of evil through the ages. Christian servant-leaders conquered 4,000 years of pagan tyranny with their faith and their blood. Dr. Marshall Foster‘s passionate insights will put a fire in your soul and a proven strategy in your mind to triumph over the terrors of our time and restore our civilization! foster