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GOOD NEWS = 10% of our Next Step fund for our new “Kingdom Building” fund will support the building of Genesis Church in Iquitos, Peru. We are privileged to partner in this way with our missionaries Nelton & Bethany Noriega and their leadership team in helping fulfill God’s vision for building Genesis Church “new beginnings” !

  • Riverside voted at the annual congregational meeting – to tithe our Next Step fund.
  • Tithing a building fund is well-proven for faithful stewardship & increased giving.
  • We avoid being simply self-serving — by modeling self-less sacrificial giving.
  • We trust the Lord for His provision for our own needs as well as the building needs of a mission church with extremely limited resources, while we make a huge difference for the Kingdom – immediately !

We recognize that ALL of our resources belong to the LORD — only loaned to us for our stewardship as we are blessed to bless the nations — as we are obedient to the Lord to fulfill His plan and purpose for His church here and around the world.

Each 5th Sunday of any given month our offering will continue to go toward our Next Step fund. You can also designate an offering ANYTIME !

THANK YOU for your faithful giving to the Lord !

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NEWS FLASH – luncheon at 10:30 am Sunday 3 November with Nelton & Bethany Noriega !

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