CCW permit classes – April 14


Concealed Carry class at Riverside Church on April 14

Hawkeye Firearms Instruction will hold a CCW (carrying concealed weapon) class on Sunday April 14 at Riverside Church, 102 West High Street, Linn Grove.

– IOWA permit class will run from 2-6 pm – $50 fee per person.
– UTAH permit class will be 6-9 pm – $50 fee per person.

Current permit holders can attend for $25 to gain additional information and training.
COME EARLY for paperwork – instructor says anyone more than 10 min. late won’t be able to join in! 

Class time will include breaks and refreshments. No firearms are needed for the class.
An Iowa permit allows carry in 26 states. A Utah permit (31 states) adds Delaware, Minnesota, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington. (see

The Iowa DPS-approved Hawkeye instruction goes beyond the basic NRA pistol course and its certified instructor provides complete information about weapons safety as well as the issues and laws concerning carrying weapons.  Hawkeye Firearms Instruction is also the founder of the Iowa Firearms Coalition (

RSVP to Steve Hensyel phone 641-660-0070 or

Questions can also be answered by Tim Porter, Sioux Rapids Chief of Police 515-571-1370.