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We'd love to get to know you, and for you to know Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior. Our worship is informally reverent, with joyful praise, heartfelt prayer, inspiring Bible teaching, genuine fellowship, as Jesus transforms our lives. All we're missing is YOU!

"The Spirit of God works the Word of God so the people of God become like the Son of God"

1 - chronologically through the whole Bible in one year in about 15 minutes per day

2 - complementary devotional & passages for Sunday's Bible message

RESOURCES here for     Audio, Video, Bible Study Guide & more!

Know Jesus ?

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WHO is your provider? In these trying times, first we turn to the LORD in repentance and faith, then we…

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Evidence That Demands A Verdict

Stay tuned for update regarding our Adult Bible Fellowship schedule Sundays 10:45 am to 11:15 am – not currently available…

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Stay tuned for update regarding our schedule 11 am – Sunday April 19 – TBD Everyone welcome – bring a…

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Passion Week Services

Stay tuned for update regarding our worship schedule – TBD – Sunday April 5, 9:30 am CHILDRENS PROGRAM Palm Sunday.…

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