All-Church Potluck -&- Noriega’s – Jan 27

Mark your calendar now for a great day on Sunday, January 27
– Communion as we worship our Lord & Savior!
– Mission update with Nelton & Bethany Noriega, our missionaries of the month, serving with International Messengers in Iquitos, Peru
– Annual Meeting praising God for His providence!
– All-church Potluck 
fellowship with the family of Christ!
Bring a friend !!



De-decorating Pizza Party – Sun Jan 13

join the food & fun & fellowship after the service – we’ll de-decorate our facility, followed by a pizza party! bring a friend!
Followed by Homebuilders gathering – please bring items for three love-baskets!

Share the Good News of Christmas!

Share the GOOD NEWS of CHRISTmas!
– bring a friend to our services

02 Dec 1st Sunday in Advent
       CANCELED due to weather

09 Dec 2nd Sunday in Advent
       Communion -&- Bruce Amundson, Gideons

16 Dec 3rd Sunday in Advent
      Childrens Music Program
      & Collection for Gideons

23 Dec 4th Sunday in Advent
      Celebrate the Savior

24 Dec @ 5-6 pm Christmas Eve
      Candlelight Carols service

30 Dec Colin & Carla Wilson
      Haiti mission update

All-Church Potluck & Decorating Nov 25

All-Church Family Christmas Decorating Potluckafter worship, Sunday, Nov 25 – Fun~food~fellowship!  Hosted by Drivers, Mangolds (Homebuilders, please bring items for three love baskets). Bring a friend!

Christmas Child Packing Party Nov 11

OCC.2014YOU can help with shoebox collection today! – we’ll have a PACKING PARTY at 10:45 am Sunday Nov 11 –

Info here – Operation Christmas Child… and WHAT to put in an OCC shoebox… coloring pages here

A simple gift-filled shoebox delivered to a child in need can give hope, change lives, and transform communities

Something so ordinary as a shoebox can accomplish the eternal when it is packed with toys, school supplies, hygiene items, and God’s love. Powered by prayers, it can help lead children and families to faith in Christ, inspire pastors, plant and grow churches, and encourage disciples in some of the most unreached places in the world.

It all starts when people decide to bless a child overseas through Operation Christmas Child, a Samaritan’s Purse project designed to deliver good news and great joy to boys and girls around the world.

GET INVOLVED: Learn more about Operation Christmas Child, and how to get involved in this exciting program.

Individuals and families decide whether they will pack a shoebox for a boy or a girl and then look for gifts appropriate for a specific age range. Prayerful shoppers search for items to delight a child: a toy car or a jump rope, a slinky or a doll. They look for practical things like pencils and paper, and necessary items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Whether toys, school supplies, or hygiene items, the giver seeks to pack their shoebox with as much fun and blessing as it will hold.

Before closing the lid, the giver can include a note for the recipient, often complete with a photograph. The person who packed the gift then pauses to ask God to deliver the shoebox to just the right child—the child for whom the things inside would be especially meaningful or even be an answer to prayer. After being taken to local drop-off sites during National Collection Week in November, the shoeboxes are then delivered to regional processing centers where volunteers prepare them for their trip overseas.

Hundreds or thousands of miles later, the boxes clear customs, entering the care of Samaritan’s Purse ministry partners who plan distribution events at churches and other locations. These distributions often begin with music or puppets and include a presentation of the Gospel that a child can understand. Then the big moment comes. Each child receives a shoebox and after a countdown, they all open their gifts at the same time. Squeals of delight and shouts of joy fill the meeting area.

What goes into a box is fun, but what comes out is eternal.
A gift of love in the form of a shoebox softens hearts and prepares them for the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Children trust Christ for the first time, inviting Him to be their Savior. This changes families, neighborhoods and entire communities.

One shoebox can also restore hope that there is a God who loves, cares, and is concerned about the details of a child’s life. And when you bless a child, you minister to parents as well. Through shoeboxes, churches grow, disciples multiply, and doors open for the Gospel—sometimes even in countries where it is illegal to be a Christian.

What begins in the heart of someone who cares can change eternity for a child and a family. The process happens millions of times over. Since 1993, Operation Christmas Child has delivered more than 113 million shoeboxes in over 150 countries. Many who receive boxes are also invited to attend a 12-week follow-up discipleship program, The Greatest Journey. Here they learn more about what it means to follow Jesus and walk with Him for a lifetime, and how to share their faith. Receiving a New Testament at graduation, they are equipped to grow and bear fruit for Christ’s Kingdom.

You can be a part of this amazing program by packing a shoebox full of fun items for a child. Above all, pray for the eternal impact of your gifts.

Grand-parenting With Purpose 10:45am

10:45 am Sundays – inspiring conversation & fellowship
Grand -Parenting With Purpose: A guide to developing a legacy of godly character
for YOU – parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, neighbors, teachers, ANYONE who cares about kids & raising up a courageous & Christlike generation! – presented by Dr. Steve & Megan Scheibner, of CharacterHealth Corp, pastor, presenters and authors of “Parenting Matters: The Nine Practices of the Proactive Parent” and many other helpful resources…

Have you asked
– Can I have a positive impact on the lives of my grandchildren?
– What’s the balance between helping & interfering with grown children?
Is it possible to establish a long-lasting family legacy for Christ?
Get the answers to these questions & much more, including
– The principle of modeling                    – Earning the right to be heard
– Building a family legacy                      – The restoration model
– Grandparenting grow model                – developing a finisher’s attitude
– practical applications of Scripture        – helpful tips for positive parents

Dr. Steve Scheibner is a former Navy pilot, a First Officer at American Airlines, church planter, retired pastor, and popular conference speaker. Check out his moving account of “In My Seat: a pilot’s story from 9-11
The Scheibners raised eight children & are now enjoying grandchildren!

AWANA begins 5:45 pm Weds Sept 5

IMG_9390YOU can help !  – come & care about kids – we need HELPERS for supper, Game Time, listening to Bible verses & more!

5:45 pm to 7:30 pm– AWANA – Sioux Central area AWANA
begins with a light supper followed by Awana Club activities for preschool to 6th grade
meets at Sioux Rapids Baptist Church 300-4th St.
We need listeners, council time helpers, prayer partners, and more!
YOU can help – see Mary Smith or Linda Anderson or Laura Anderson or Ron Sennert 299-7800
for more see

FCA – schedule here – meets every other week  – Contact Nate & Jen Wittmaack

PLEASE come support the kids in our community !

pray…give…come & care !!! 

Jessica Skelton missionary update Sept 2

9:15 am Sunday Sept 2
missionary of the month – Jessica Skelton
serving at The Bridge of Storm Lake
special offering Sept 16



Chuck Crain concert 7 pm Tue Aug 28

7 pm Tuesday 28 August at SIOUX THEATRE, 218 Main, Sioux Rapids
Bring a friend for a great evening of Gospel inspiration!

Congregational Meeting Sunday Aug 26

10:45 am – Congregational meeting for update from Elder Board and Building Committee regarding upcoming construction remodeling project.