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90 Days of FAITH – Aug-Sept-Oct – Riverside Church Linn Grove

90 Days of FAITH – Aug-Sept-Oct

What will God do through you – as you trust Him – 90 days of faith ?



“no church entered into partnership with me in giving and receiving, except You only”  – Philippians 4:15




I will PRAY _______________am_______________pm
I will GIVE ____________________________________
            As God provides by Oct 31, for their $15,000 faith goal
I will GOor SEND_______________________________

Thanks to Almighty God for our special relationship with Genesis Church new beginnings” for us all, as the Lord provides exciting and complementary ways to lay up our treasures in heaven…

1 – Genesis Church facility fund – their goal of $15,000 to purchase their rented facility, so they can meet growing needs of the people and be even better stewards of the resources God provides. This improved facility is strategically located in Iquitos, and expected to increase in value for future opportunities. Over the next 90 days, we are responding to God’s invitation to Pray, to Give, to Go or send, as He provides!

2 – “Kingdom Building fund” – as we receive funds for our own future facility “Next Step” fund, again in 2014, Riverside Church voted to gratefully tithe 10% of giving to Genesis Church through our “Kingdom Building” fund. This proven principle of tithing puts the focus on the Lord instead of ourselves, as it also strengthens our faith, while it cuts the strings of our giving to the Lord, as we trust Him all together to do great and mighty things beyond what we could ask or think. This fund helps Genesis Church improve their facilities to meet the growing needs of their worship, outreach, youth, and children’s ministries.

3 – “International Messengers” – one of Riverside’s twelve missions of the month, as we help support our missionaries Nelton & Bethany Noriega. Our giving to ministries related to Genesis Church goes above and beyond our regular tithes and offerings for Riverside’s ministry and mission partnerships.

4 – “Hidden Creeks” Bible camp – a project through Global Compassion Network to develop a rural ministry facility in the jungle near Iquitos, Peru. This will also enhance the ministry of Genesis Church, training pastors and leaders, and sustainably produce crops and livestock, and expand their outreach.

Giving to God’s work is an essential spiritual discipline, as we acknowledge that ALL we are and have comes from the Lord and belongs to Him, simply loaned to us for a time, for us to bless others – according to God’s plan & purpose for His Church around the world…
PLEASE COMMIT to be our prayer partners to pray regularly for each person below by name, for God’s healing grace in their lives, and for obedience to His leading and dependence on the Holy Spirit’s power, to fulfill His purpose for the growing church in !quitos, Peru.

for God’s provision and protection, good health, serving hearts, love, unity, power in the Holy Spirit…
-Pastor Jerry & Norma Rengifo, children Elias (9), Bethany (2) – pastor and youth ministries
-Pastor Nelton & Bethany Noriega, daughters Kyliana (3), Briel (2) – co-pastor and missionaries
-Jaime & Getty Souza, sons Patrick (3), Ryan (1) – worship leader and law student
-Erick & Julie Noriega, daughters Milca (9), Marcella (2) – kids ministry and worship team
-Lenny & Yolanda Flores, daughter Hadiana (1) – construction manager and humanitarian ministry
-Maurisio & Jessica, children Karen (13), David (9) – worship and youth ministries
-Jaime Ramirez, land manager and worship team member
-Janet Garcia, missionary-in-training with YWAM Iquitos
-Hannah Baxter, missionary intern, Iquitos

-to glorify God in all things, as a shining light to lead others into transforming relationships with Christ…
-for vibrant Sunday morning worship, Sunday School and nursery ministries, as well as practical and deepening discipleship, & growing outreach to children, youth, young adults, families, elderly, etc.
-to purchase their ministry facility ($15,000) to free up funds for benevolent & other outreach initiatives.
-to be able to pay their staff each month…pay off ministry debt…purchase needed worship equipment… scholarships for the further training of staff, elders, deacons, and other discipleship initiatives…

-Thanks to Almighty God for His provision – through the generosity of ME and Riverside Church!

“no church entered into partnership with me in giving and receiving, except You only”  – Philippians 4:15

I will PRAY _______________am_______________pm
I will GIVE ____________________________________
            As God provides by Oct 31, for their $15,000 faith goal
I will GOor SEND_______________________________



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